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Closing Cost for The Seller


Own Attorney: Varies


NYC Transfer Tax: 1% of purchase price if $500,000 or less of the entire amount

1.425% of purchase price if over $500,000 of the entire amount 


NYS Transfer Tax: 0.4% (.004) of purchase price if under $3M or 0.65% (.0065) of purchase price if equal to or over $3M


UCC-3 Filing: $75 + up


Payoff Bank Fees (if applicable): $450 + up


Broker Commission: 6% of purchase price


E Tax Filing (Acris): $50 - $200

NYS Capital Gains Tax Withholding:  8.82% of gain 

Non-US Resident (FIRPTA): 15% of purchase price withheld or paid


These are only estimates. Please confirm closing costs for specific transactions with your attorney and/or mortgage representative.

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