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Inside Look: A $15 Million 'Anglo-Italianate' Mansion Sits In Gramercy

What exactly is an “Anglo-Italianate" home?

It's this mansion-like townhouse located on Stuyvesant Square Park, according to CORE, which lists the massive residence at 243 E. 17th St. for $15 million.

What does $15 million get you?

- A 28-foot wide home dating back to the 1850s.

- Five stories in 6,494 square feet, with an additional 1,950 square feet on the lower level, or five-bedrooms, with a four-story owner's residence and two one-bedroom units.

- An elevator, two washer/dryers and five fireplaces.

- A music room, media room and front garden.

- Plus a grand winding staircase and private terrace for the master suite.

Though billed as a townhouse, CORE broker Emily Beare, describes the Gramercy home as "one of the very few grand mansions located downtown."

"It exudes a certain stately elegance that’s been preserved throughout the years. There’s really nothing else like it.” she said.

The photos of the inside will truly make you forget that New York City is full of small, cramped apartments, and does feature actual homes that would even make suburbanites jealous. Enjoy your escape.

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